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Your New Stylist Partner.

Healthy Hair Enthusiast.

Specializing in Natural Curls and Mane Restoration.

Nice to meet you, I'm K.

Hair Loss Practitioner, Product Snob, Education Junkie.

NYS Licensed Cosmetologist 2017

Ergo Art of the Blow Dry 2017

Cut It Kinky Alum 2018

Head Shape Matters Alum 2019

Nouritress Level 1 2020

USTI Hair Loss Practitioner 2020

Old adage says "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"...half true. I work very hard to really understand the needs of the hair, your preferences, and where they meet in the middle. Mostly because I want you to love where you are and what you have.

I'm a Mom to my spitting image, crazy about my insane dog, and obsessed with donuts. I'll chat about ANYTHING. The salon is an extension of me....think of that friends living room with the great playlist and snacks on deck. 

Servicing women, especially women of color, has been the cumulation of my entire personal and professional history. I'm blessed to know some of the greatest women in different lines of business, so if I don't personally provide a service you're looking for...I know someone who can.

Can't wait to meet you. Chat soon.

xo, k.

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